A level editor for Super Mario Advance 4

Very early days, still tons of work to do!

Try the editorscreenshot of the editor


The level editor can build levels and inject them into a SMA4 save file as an e-reader level. From there you can play the level. Smaghetti includes GBA.js so you can test your level right from the editor.

At a high level, here is what needs to be done yet:

  • Finish reverse engineering SMA4 and figure out the IDs and parameters for all sprites, objects and settings.
  • Add room and transport support. ie, pipes taking you to other rooms.
  • Dashboard where you can manage all of your levels (in progress)
  • Reverse engineer normal (non e-reader) level format so can build entire games


Over the years tons of people have researched, reverse engineered and built tools for SMA4. Also all the people out there who have built GBA emulators were key in this working. They have all been very helpful and I couldn't have built this without them.

A proper credit page will be built before Smaghetti fully launches.