What's new

New Entities

  • Pipe Corner Transition
  • Tan Metal Bricks - Pyramid

New Entities

  • Flying Cheep Cheep Generator

New Entities

  • Bullet Bill Generator - Cardinal
  • Bullet Bill Generator - Diagonal

New Entities

  • Bowser Fireball
  • Bowser Fire Generator
  • Giant Question Block: Hammer Bro suit payload
  • Para Bobomb Generator
  • Para Galoomba Generator

Giant Question Block ready

Giant Question Block has been stuck in the unfinished tab for ages. But not anymore! More giant stuff should be coming as well, stay tuned.

Weirdly, it doesn't work with giant enemies :( Need to figure out why...

New Entities

  • Checkered Ceiling
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Lower Left
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Lower Right
  • Checkered Interior
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Lower Left
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Lower Right
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Upper Left
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Upper Right
  • Checkered Platform - Center
  • Checkered Platform - Left Cap
  • Checkered Platform - Right Cap
  • Checkered Wall - Left
  • Checkered Wall - Right

Checkered terrain has its own subcategory in the item choose now, because there is a ton of different ones. I'll be adding all the checkered terrain gradually over the coming days. Go make those bonus rooms! Thanks to NintyAlex for figuring out the details on these.

Cannon Balls

Cannons can now shoot either bobombs or cannon balls

Fixed a camera bug

There was a bug that would cause items about 4 tiles above Mario to not render when first starting a level. That has now been fixed. Sorry about that, it made some levels really strange.

This bug is also what was causing the confusion with Grass Chutes. So Grass Chutes have been moved out of the unfinished tab and are fully usable now.

New Entities

  • Grass Chute - Down Left (unfinished)
  • Grass Chute - Down Right (unfinished)

New Entities

  • Cannon

The first airship entity. But so far, it can only fire bobombs.

New Entities

  • Podoboo (aka Lava Bubble)
  • Podoboo - Ceiling

Make a copy when doing drag and drop

When you select some entities then drag them some place else, you can make a copy of them by holding down the shift key while dragging.

Start Mario anywhere in the level

You can now place Mario anywhere you'd like in your level. You can also resize a room to any size you want, so this can open up some cooler level types like starting way at the top of a tall level

Download multiple levels to a save file

On the levels page, you can now choose to save up to 30 levels into a save file. You can then load that save file into a Game Boy using a flash cart, or into an emulator, and try out all the levels you chose.

Doing this on your own levels inside the editor is coming

New Entities

  • Background Hills - Striped, Large
  • Background Hills - Textured, Large
  • Background Hills - Textured, Medium
  • Background Hills - Textured, Small

All hill backgrounds are now extracted

Community Levels Page

You can now publish your levels to let other people try them.

Published levels will show up on the levels page. People can load your published levels into the editor and play with them, but they can't save them, not even a copy. I might loosen that restriction later, what do you prefer?

New Entities

  • Checkered Floor - Perspective
  • Grass Plateau
  • Pipe - Horizontal Mini
  • Seaweed
  • Snow Plateau

Set Room Height

You can now set how tall a room is. Find it in the "manage rooms" mode, same place as background and music settings.

Still need to figure out how to position Mario. Also be careful with really large rooms, you can make a level that is too big to fit in a save file. Eventually Smaghetti will warn when you do that, but for now, just be careful if you make really big rooms with lots of stuff in them.

New Backgrounds

  • Crystal Underground
  • Hills at Night

New Entities

  • Cloud Platform - Aero
  • Cloud Platform - Thin
  • Stone Support
  • Warp Area
  • Wiggler

New Entities

  • Stone Floor
  • Tanooki Block

Set Room Width

You can now set how wide a room is. Find it in the "manage rooms" mode, same place as background and music settings.

Level height and positioning Mario are coming, but they are proving harder to figure out.

New Entities

  • Background Hills - Striped, Small
  • Grass Slope - 30° Up Left
  • Grass Slope - 30° Up Right
  • Grass Staircase - Up Left
  • Grass Staircase - Up Right
  • Palm Tree
  • Roto Disc

There are more Roto Disc variants, so far only one the simple one has been brought in.

New Entities

  • Background Hills - Striped, Medium
  • Colorful Metal Box
  • Scroll Stop - Horizontal

Wood Floor, Underwater Floor changes!

If your level uses wood or underwater floor, please read

Underwater floor and wood floor were not implemented well. It was possible to use them in such a way your level would get corrupted. So I redid how they work. They now behave more like pipes and conveyor belts in that you have to size them with a drag handle.

If your level had underwater or wood floor in it, they will be removed the next time you load the level. You will need to re-add them using the new approach. Sorry about that, but breaking changes like this are inevitable during early preview.

But some good news, this new approach paves the way for the big "boxes" you see in levels like SMB3 1-1 and some other entities that Smaghetti wasn't yet able to have. Stay tuned.

New Room Backgrounds

  • Bonus Room
  • Desert
  • Ghost House
  • Plains
  • Tall Hills*
  • Tetris Room*

Mario can finally get some fresh air

Tall Hills and Tetris Room are unused assets in the game

New Entities

  • Goomba Generator

Hanging out in its own subcategory in the palette because this game has a lot of generators, many more to come.

Choose your music

You can now choose what music a room plays. It's in the same spot as choosing the background graphic.

Why can you choose any song? Like credits, game over, etc? Because the game lets you do it :) So if you want strange music in your levels, go for it.

Stretch Boo split into two entities

Originally Stretch Boo was one entity and Smaghetti would choose to make it upside down or upright depending on how you placed it in your level. This is convenient, but it is also limiting. It would mean you couldn't position a Stretch Boo how you wanted it in some situations.

So now Stretch Boo comes in upright and upside down variants and you need to choose the right one for the situation.

This is the same reason spiny and buzzy beetle come in separate ceiling versions.

New Entities

  • Checkered Floor

This is the first entity in the "checkered terrain series", once all are added, you'll be able to construct entire rooms in a checkered motif

New Entities

  • Hot Foot
  • Hot Foot - Shy
  • Lava Lotus
  • Stretch Boo
  • Stretch Boo platform

Fixed warp bug

After warping to a different room, did you notice missing graphics and things seemed glitchy?

I believe I tracked down the problem and levels are working a lot better now after you warp.

If you hit any strange bugs in the future, feel free to reach out on Reddit, GitHub, or email me.

Flag Pole resizable

You can now pick how big to make a flag pole just like pipes

New Entities

  • Airship Pipe
  • Blue Coin
  • Coral Donut Block
  • Monty Mole
  • Underwater Floor

New Entities

  • Bomb
  • Bumpty
  • Bumpty - Aggressive
  • Jelectro
  • P-Switch Door
  • Porcupo
  • Rip Van Fish
  • Rotating Checkered Block - Large
  • Rotating Checkered Block - Small

New Entities

  • Blooper Nanny
  • Galoomba - Parachute

Keyboard shortcut for layers

Press the L key to toggle which layers are locked. Each time you press 'l' it works through locking actors, locking stage, locking none.

New Entities

  • Note Block - Three Way

Bowser Laser Statue

Now shoots lasers.

So far this is not optional, debating whether to make this a config or not...

New Entities

  • Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro
  • Clapping Chuck
  • Dolphin Pod
  • Green Para Troopa - Patrolling
  • Ice Block - Coin
  • Ice Block - Muncher
  • Ice Block - Small
  • Piranha Plant - Horizontal Red
  • Wood Platform
  • Wood Support

Horizontal Pipe

Horizontal pipe is now ready for use

New Entities

  • Iggy
  • Larry
  • Lemmy
  • Morton
  • Roy
  • Wendy

All Koopalings!

Ludwig configuration

You can now configure how many fireballs it takes to kill Ludwig, as well as how many stomps it takes.

Thanks to NintyAlex for figuring this out. He also figured out more info on Bowser, Boom Boom, as well as other Koopalings, which will get added to Smaghetti eventually.

New Entities

  • Beach Ball
  • See Saw Platform

Beach Ball is an unused item in the game and it's pretty cool!

Vertical Pipes

Vertical pipes are now ready to use. Find them in the warp section in the palette. They are still a bit raw and will get better as I work on them more.

New Entities

  • Pipe - Vertical (unfinished)
  • Piranha Plant

Vertical pipes are close, but still some things to figure out. You can try one out by grabbing it from the Unfinished tab in the palette.

Technically piranha plants can work without pipes, but they look broken. To stick it in a pipe, just drop it on top of the pipe with its mouth just below the pipe's lip. Remember you can lock either the stage or actor layers as needed to make this easier.

Conveyor Belts config reworked

Conveyor belts now have a more intuitive and easier way to set them up. Still rougher than I ultimately want, but a good first step. Making Smaghetti really easy to use is a top priority.

Here is a quick video showing the before and after.

New Entities

  • Flag Pole
  • Rope Railing

New Entities

  • Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro (unfinished)
  • Big Bass
  • Big Bertha
  • Blooper
  • Bolts and Bolt Lifts
  • Flame Chomp
  • Flurry
  • Porcu-Puffer
  • Swooper

Set level timer

You can now set your level's timer. In the upper right corner, click the pencil to go into management mode. Once there, you can change the level name, timer and add/delete rooms

New Entities

  • Homing Fireball
  • Hoopster
  • Ptooie Potted Piranha Plant
  • Ptooie Walking Piranha Plant

The fireball is an enemy from Yoshi's island. It is unused in SMA4, now available to add to levels for the first time.

New Entities

  • Wood Floor
  • Pool of Water renamed to Choppy Water
  • new Pool of Water which is still/sparkly water

Conveyor Belt and Thwomp details

Conveyor belts can now be configured to go in either direction

Thwomp's pursuit direction can now be configured

New Entities

  • Flying Piranha Plant
  • Grass - Horizontal
  • Grass - Upper Left Corner
  • Grass - Upper Right Corner
  • Grass - Vertical Left
  • Grass - Vertical Right

Save a copy of a level

When editing one of your levels, the save button now has an option to save a copy.

New Entities

  • Pool of Water
  • Vine
  • Waterfall

Coin Challenge Details Pane

You can now decide how many coins a Coin Challenge will require the player to collect.

Fire Bar Details Pane

Fire Bar can now be fully configured.

  • Rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Pivot point at the end or in the center
  • Number of fireballs

The details pane is pretty ugly, but that's true of all detail panes :) Making them look nicer is on the TODO list.

New Entities

  • Hopping Bowser Statue


The editor is now divided into two layers: actors and stage

Often these layers don't matter much, but they become important when working with large objects such as the black backdrop at the end of levels and large terrain. The layers enable working with these large entities without smaller things like enemies getting in the way, and vice versa

Now that layers are in place, large terrain is the next thing to add

New Entities

  • Ceiling Buzzy Beetle
  • Ceiling Spiny

Lakitu payloads

Lakitu can now be set to either throw an orange egg, which becomes a spiny upon landing. Or a green egg, which stays an egg upon landing and is more aggressive than spinies.

Possibly can configure Lakitu to throw coins as well, but so far have not been able to find that setting.

Compatibility Pages

If the palette says an entity can't be added, it's because that entity is not compatible with another entity you've already added to the room. Now if you click on the "see compatibility chart" link in the palette, it will show you a breakdown of which entities work and don't work together. For example, here is Grand Goomba's compatibility page.

Object Sets

Smaghetti now understands object sets. That means it knows which objects can be in the same room together and how to load them.

With object sets now in place, these new entities have now been added:

  • Cactus
  • Cement Block
  • Flower Bush
  • Lakitu Cloud

New Entities

  • Beached Cheep Cheep
  • Fishbone
  • Galoomba
  • Invisible Block
  • One Way Door
  • River Cheep Cheep
  • Winged Platform
  • Baby Cheep Cheep
  • Bowser Fire Statue
  • Dolphin Pod
  • Fall Away Spike
  • Flutter
  • Hothead
  • Water Cheep Cheep

Fishbone and Flutter are unused entities, now usable for the first time in SMA4!

New Entities

Both of these are unused entities that Nintendo left in the game, now usable for the first time in SMA4!

  • Floating Block
  • Arrow Lift