What's new

Smaghetti's database will be upgraded Wednesday morning

On Wednesday, November 29th, starting about 9am Eastern time, the Smaghetti database will be upgraded. You won't be able to load or save levels while the upgrade is happening. The upgrade will take about 1 to 4 hours.

Smaghetti will become a usable archive

This website will become a usable archive on February 24, 2024.

What does that mean?

  • It will still be here, at smaghetti.com
  • The levels and e-coin pages will contain all published levels and e-coins. All private levels will be deleted! If you have a private level you want to save, please publish it. You can always add "WIP" (work in progress) to its name.
  • User accounts will go away. Everyone can just use Smaghetti without logging in.
  • You can still save new levels, but only locally to your own computer. If you open Smaghetti on a different computer, those levels will not be there.
  • Publishing levels will no longer be supported.
  • Voting on levels will no longer be supported.
  • No new features will be added. Smaghetti will always be just like it is now.

The goal is to keep smaghetti.com up for as long as possible.

Smaghetti will be taken down

Sadly I have decided to no longer work on Smaghetti. I don't have the time for it anymore and I think it is just best to be honest about that.

This website will remain up for one more year, then taken down on February 24, 2024.(this is no longer true, see above)

Level of the year voting

Happy holidays everyone! Aero on the Smaghetti Discord has opened up voting for the level of the year. Just head to the #level-of-the-year channel.

Water Current

Water current can now be configured to go up or down by clicking its hammer button

Thanks to Bryce and Bxzr for finding this one

New Entities

  • Cheep Cheep - Falling
  • Lakitu Cloud - Orange
  • Mushroom - Blinking
  • Starman - No L/R

Again, thanks to Bryce for adding these

New Entities

  • Coin - Moving
  • Silver Coin

Thanks to Bryce for adding these

New Entities

  • Boom Boom - Trap

The trap door that closes Mario in a room with Boom Boom

Boom Boom details

Just like the Koopalings, you can now choose how many stomps and fireballs it takes to kill Boom Boom

Entity Search

The item chooser now has a simple search. Press '/' when the item chooser is open then type in a search term.

Smaghetti aint dead...

I need to put Smaghetti on the back burner for a while. And when I do get back to working on it again, I am planning to really focusing on some difficult reverse engineering stuff. So I doubt there will be any updates for a while. But rest assured, I still plan to make Smaghetti as awesome as I can.

Want to keep chatting Smaghetti? Check out the Discord server

Rip Van Fish sleeping

New Entities

  • Cheep Cheep - Double Jump

Thanks to Bryce and Solar Magic Advance (LuigiBlood) for finding this one!

Save a copy moved

Saving a copy of your level is now moved over next to the level's name in the upper left corner. This is just a quick fix because I am pretty sure people were accidentally making copies with the way it was set up before. When I get more time I will fix this problem in a better way.

New Music

There are a whole bunch more music options now.

Thanks to Wanderer for finding this info, and also to Saiyan48 who originally mined all of this.

New Entities

  • Bill Blaster - Targeting

New Entities

  • Bill Blaster - Missile

Cannon has been deprecated

Since Cannon let you choose bobomb or cannon ball, it ended up only allowing the compatibility that works for both of them, limiting its usability.

I have added "Cannon - Fires Bobomb" and "Cannon - Fires CannonBall" to replace it. If you are using Cannon in your level, switching to these new types will increase compatibility in your level, possibly allowing you to use more types of entities.

Camera Nudge left and right

Camera Nudge can now nudge left and right. It also now sports the experimental icon to remind we still need to learn more about how it works.

New Entities

  • Camera Nudge
  • Fortress Axe

Camera nudge (in meta category) is experimental, but give it a try and see if it works for you.

New Entities

  • Big Boo
  • Buzzy Beetle - Pixel Positioned
  • Cheep Cheep - Hop
  • Goomba - Pixel Positioned
  • Green Koopa Troopa - Pixel Positioned
  • Question Block - Giant, Spent
  • Red Koopa Troopa - Pixel Positioned
  • Spiny - Pixel Positioned

Entity List improvements

The entity list is now slightly useful:

  • The rows are more compact
  • You can jump from room to room (click on next or previous in the room header)
  • You can delete an entity from the listing, hover over it to see the trash can
  • Clicking on an entity in the list takes you to that entity in the room

entity list screenshot

The real point of the entity list is to enable you to control how overlapping entities stack. This will enable you to decide how overlapping colorful boxes or plateaus look and work in your level for example. That's not here yet, but it is coming!

New Entities

  • Brick - Giant
  • Coral - Giant
  • Ice Block - Giant
  • Lakitu Cloud - Giant
  • Wood Block - Giant

Giant Land in full effect

New Entities

  • Colorful Metal Box - With Shadow
  • Stone Plateau

The classic boxes found in SMB3 1-1 are finally in Smaghetti. The other colorful boxes that Smaghetti already had are a bit different. These new ones cast shadows, but must be placed on top of a wood floor.

Play as Luigi

You can now test your levels as Luigi. In the lower left corner, click the toggle button to switch to Luigi.

Level votes restored!

Phew! Turns out my backups were not misconfigured after all. I was able to restore all level votes.

All level votes lost

Sorry everyone, I screwed up and all level votes were lost :( I have taken some steps to ensure that does not happen again. Really sorry about that.

If you have some time, please go vote on your favorite levels.

New Backgrounds

  • Basic Castle
  • Basic Ghost House
  • High Up In The Clouds
  • Large Pulsating Bricks
  • Long Clouds
  • Pyramid Split Inside and Out
  • Underground Double Cave
  • Underwater More Terrain

Entity List

Down in the editor's footer, over where warnings and errors appear, is now an entity listing. It will still show you warnings/errors, but if you click on it, it also shows all the entities in your level. You can click on an entity to focus it in the editor.

This isn't very useful ... yet. But it will have more features that will make it more useful in the future.

Spiny and Buzzy Beetle bug fix

Buzzy Beetle, Buzzy Beetle - Ceiling, Spiny and Spiny - Ceiling all had a bug that can cause compatibility to be incorrectly determined. If you have a level with any of these in it, possibly your level will have things removed next time you load it.

Thanks to VGamer78 for alerting this

Basic Object Priorities In Place

The first step for object priorities is now live. Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't worry, this is a more behind the scenes kind of thing.

With this change it is now possible to make water levels using the Water entity. And it is now possible to put stuff on top of the end of level backdrop, like this:

items on top of an end of level backdrop

Still a lot more object priority changes to come.

New Entities

  • Airship Window
  • Wood Column - Wide
  • Wood Floor - Moldy

All custom e-coins gathered into one spot.

Wrap Around Rooms

You can now make a room wrap around. Set it in the same place you set a room's width and height.

Wrap around rooms are one screen wide, and if you walk off the edge of the screen you appear on the other side.

New Entities

  • Checkered Inner Corner - Lower Left, Left Edge
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Lower Right, Bottom Edge
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Upper Left, Left Edge
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Upper Right, Top Edge
  • Directional Lift
  • Question Block - Giant, Solid

New Entities

  • Bob-omb - Parachute

Again thanks to Bryce for adding this one

New Entities

  • Spiny Egg - Green

Thanks to Bryce for adding this one

Extracting Graphics issue

Next time you launch the editor, you may notice it sits on "extracting graphics" for a long time. This could be from 10 seconds to about a minute. This is because I had to make a change that fixes an issue, and that reset all of the graphics. This long graphics extraction will only happen once, then it will be fast again like normal going forward.

New Entities

  • Jelectro - Still

Thanks to Bryce for finding this one

New levels page

Happy new year!

The new levels page is now live. It is now easier to find levels that interest you. You can also link directly to certain levels, for example here are the most popular kaizo levels.

Creator pages

Happy holidays everyone!

I just added simple creator pages. On the levels page, click on a user's name to go to their page. It will show a listing of their levels. For example, here are my levels.

Taking a break...

I am going to take a break from Smaghetti. Not sure how long, thinking I'll hop back on sometime in December. I'll be back for sure. Finishing Smaghetti and making it super awesome is important to me.

Want to keep chatting Smaghetti? Check out the Discord server

Rip Van Fish sleeping

Making underwater rooms

A new entity, Underwater Water, was just added. This makes it a bit easier to make an underwater level. Truthfully making underwater levels is pretty painful, here are some tips to help out.

Making underwater levels much easier to build is on the todo list. But at least it is possible!

New Entities

  • Line Track Pulley (in decorations)

Emulator audio

When testing your level, you can now turn the audio on with the button at the bottom of the screen.

Audio works best in Chrome, but that is true of the emulator in general.

New Entities

  • Boo - Choose its speed

New Experiment: game audio

Down in the lower right of the editor is this beaker icon . If you click it you can try out some experimental and unfinished features.

A new experiment is game audio. If you turn it on, when testing your level you'll get sound effects and music. But it will probably be scratchy, slow and kinda junky. That is why it is experimental for now.

Bug fix: Allow double ended pipes to be warp destinations

Double ended pipes always warp to their opposite end. But they can still be warp destinations from other pipes. Smaghetti did not allow this, not it does.

Bug fix: desert and hills at night backgrounds

These two backgrounds had the wrong background color set. This has now been fixed. If your level uses these backgrounds, to get the fix you need to change the background to something else, then back again.

Configurable GBA buttons

You can now configure your keyboard and gamepad when testing your level in the GBA emulator. When playing your level, click on "configure" down at the bottom.

The config is saved to your browser, so if you later use Smaghetti on a different computer, you may need to configure your buttons again.

New 'Music' Track

You can now choose "silence" for a room's music.

New Backgrounds

  • Blank
  • Blue and Green Stars
  • Colorful Brick Wall
  • Far Away Hills in Clouds
  • Tall Hills But Shorter
  • Underground Cave

Thanks again, Bryce

Giant pipes as warp exits

It is possible to set a giant pipe as an exit. When you do this, Mario exits a bit on the left side.Mario exiting a giant pipe

Smaghetti now allows this, be sure to set the exit point here on a giant pipegiant pipe exit point

Airship pipe update

You can't use downward airship pipes to start a warp to someplace else, but you can use them as a warp destination. Yesterday Smaghetti didn't quite support that, but now it does.

The downward airship pipe is now in the "Warps" section in the entity chooser.

New Entities

  • Pipe Airship - Down
  • Pipe Vertical - Double Ended
  • Tan Metal Brick - Large
  • Tan Metal Brick - Medium

You guessed it, Bryce yet again

New Entities

  • Blooper Nanny - Four Way
  • Dolphin - Horizontal
  • Dolphin - Vertical
  • Snow Covered Grass Floor
  • Wood Floor - Giant Left End Cap
  • Wood Floor - Giant Right End Cap

Props to Bryce yet again, and Maikli Messes as well

New Backgrounds

  • Jungle
  • Toad House

For Toad House, it is only big enough for a single screen room. So a bit limiting, but with a scroll stop in place it can be used.

Again thanks to Bryce for locating these

New Entities

  • Boomerang Bro - Drops Boomerang
  • Bullet Bill - Targeting Generator
  • Nipper Plant - Shooting
  • Nipper Plant - Walking
  • P-Wing
  • Para Beetle Generator
  • Platform Wood - Bobs

Thanks to Bryce for finding these! The Para Beetle generator generates "green" para beetles! Except they are brown...

Bug fix: Waterfall background

The waterfall background no longer has the invisible water nor the weird blue tint. It is now just a normal background.

New Background

  • Hills in Clouds

Despite the lack of updates, I have been working on Smaghetti. But lately it has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Eventually this work will allow for some cool things.

New Entities

  • Cloud Platform - Thicc

Now distinguishing errors and warnings

The warning list now shows errors and warnings.

  • Errors: This really breaks your level in a significant way, such as very garbled graphics, soft locks or crashes the game. You definitely want to fix these.
  • Warnings: These likely mess up your level and cause strangeness, but you can still play for the most part. These should be fixed too, but if you miss one, it's not the end of the world.

I am considering not allow publishing levels that have errors, but still debating on that one.

There is now a footer at the bottom of the editor. It shows two things:

  • A warning count. If you have warnings, click on this to see them in detail. You can then click on an individual warning to be taken to the entity causing the warning.
  • Level size meter. If your level gets too big, it will crash the game, more info here.

Soon, some types of warnings will show up as errors instead. An error is something that will definitely cause a problem in your level and should be fixed, where as a warning might cause a problem or it might not.

Bug fix: buried veggies with e-coins

If your level has a buried veggy with an e-coin inside of it, it could cause sprites (enemies, power ups, etc) to not spawn. This has now been fixed. Those dang e-coins :)

Did your E-coin get stuck?

The E-coin editor had a bug in it that could cause it to be totally blank. That has now been fixed.

If you still find your E-coin is blank, deleting it then re-adding it again will fix it.

New/Changed Entities

  • Bubble, new payloads: Hammer Bro Suit and Boomerang
  • Buried Vegetable: E-Coin payload
  • Buried Vegetable - Monty Mole (in terrain)
  • Chest, new payloads: Hammer Bro Suit, Music Box, One Up, Three Up
  • Classic Column (in decorations)
  • Stairs - Down Right (in terrain)
  • Stairs - Up Right (in terrain)
  • Stalagmite (in terrain)
  • Wood Ramp - Down Right (in terrain)
  • Wood Ramp - Up Right (in terrain)

Monty Mole as a Buried Vegetable payload was separated out into its own entity because it has different compatibility from all other Buried Vegetable payloads.

E-Coins now work in the castle

After you collect the E-coin in your level, it will now show up correctly in the E-coin castle.

NOTE: When testing your level inside Smaghetti, you can only go into the E-coin castle once. If you go into it again, the game will glitch out. This bug only happens in Smaghetti. If you take your save file and play it on a real GBA or in a normal emulator, this problem doesn't happen. I will see if I can get this fixed, but at least it only happens inside Smaghetti.

E-Coins don't work in the castle ... yet

After collecting an e-coin in a Smaghetti level, if you go to the castle, it will look like this

Screenshot showing Smaghetti not creating water correctly

I think I know why and I am working on a fix. I can't promise I'll pull this off, but I think seeing Smaghetti e-coins in the castle should be doable.

E-Coin image editor

You can now design your own e-coins. You can either use the built in drawing pad to draw a simple coin, or import an image file. Here are some tips on using image files.

New Entities

  • E-Coin (in objects)

So far the E-Coin has the Smaghetti logo on it. But letting you draw your own coin is coming.

New Entities

  • Spin Platform (in gizmos)

Moved Snake Block out of unfinished

Snake Block still needs to let you choose how fast it is and what its initial direction will be. But since it works other than that, I moved it out of unfinished.

New Entities

  • Snake Block

Snake Block is in the unfinished section because there are still a few things to figure out with it yet. But it is currently usable, so check it out, it's a fun entity. I hope to get Snake Block totally finished by this weekend.

New Entities

  • Platform - Wood, Moves Left, Fall on Touch
  • Platform - Wood, Move Right on Touch

New/Changed Entities

  • Platform Rope Support
  • Muncher: greatly increased compatibility

Muncher is now compatible with pretty much everything except airship entities. They come in many colors, so what color your munchers end up being is pretty random. But a strange colored muncher is better than no muncher at all!

New/Changed Entities

  • Bolt Head: Can now face up
  • Stalactite - Single

I don't think Nintendo made Bolt Heads in the other directions (left and down)

New Backgrounds

  • Green Mountains

There are supposed to be clouds that go with these mountains. But so far they are proving elusive. So for now at least, some mountains.

New/Changed Entities

  • Bill Blaster Burner: can now be turned upside down

New/Changed Entities

  • Bill Blaster: can now be turned upside down
  • Fire Snake

You will be able to turn Bill Blaster Burners upside down too, just haven't gotten to implementing that just yet.

It's a mystery why Fire Snake ends up purple in Smaghetti levels. Still much to figure out...

New Entities

  • Fortress Lamp
  • Wood Platform - Giant

New Entities

  • Grass Floor
  • Pipe - Horizontal, Mini, Double Ended
  • Platform - Blue/White Checkered

New Entities

  • Cloud Platform - Aero, Moving
  • Nipper Plant

New Entities

  • Quicksand

Quicksand is a bit of a turning point entity, as it is the first entity added to Smaghetti by reverse engineering the main game instead of e-reader levels. Reverse engineering of the main game is my main focus now.

New/Changed Entities

  • Airship Platform: now supports the upper window "hatch", um, thing :)
  • Para Bobomb Canceler
  • Para Galoomba Canceler

New Entities

  • Bill Blaster - Burner

Changes to 'liquid' terrain

All liquid terrains are now done using a drag handle, similar to how things like Colorful Metal Box work. The old way of "painting" the tiles is not good enough for these entities, as in more complex scenarios Smaghetti was unable to figure out how you wanted your liquid to work. For example, Smaghetti would build bodies of water that looked like this:

Screenshot showing Smaghetti not creating water correctly

With the new way liquid entities are handled, you can now get the expected result:

Screenshot showing Smaghetti now creating the water correctly

But! If Smaghetti was making bad liquid for you before, you will need to go into your level and fix it using the new entities. The old liquid tiles will be replaced automatically for you, but the bad scenarios can not be automatically fixed. In other words, the above scenario will first look like this in the editor:

Screenshot showing Smaghetti has converted the entities, but not fixed the problem

And you will need to manually fix up your level to get the correct water.

The impacted entities are:

  • Choppy Water
  • Lava
  • Pool of Water
  • Waterfall

Giant Piranha can now fit in giant pipes

Giant Piranha can be made to fit in a giant pipe after all. You can now choose whether it should be positioned for a regular or giant pipe by clicking its hammer button. Thanks again to NintyAlex for figuring this out.

New Entities

  • Pipe - Vertical Giant
  • Wood Floor - Giant

Why don't giant piranha plants fit properly inside giant pipes?!

New Entities

  • Bolt - Down
  • Bolt - Up
  • Cloud Floor
  • Pipe - Vertical Mini Muncher

Bolts have been moved to terrain, in the airship section.

Turns out vertical mini pipes must have munchers inside them. It's very strange how Nintendo implemented them O_o. Smaghetti has shown me many strange things Nintendo did, but this one takes the cake so far!

New/Changed Entities

  • Airship Crate
  • Airship Metal Plate
  • Magikoopa
  • Piranha Plant - Giant
  • Stalactite: now fully compatible with everything
  • Surprise Donut Lift

No giant pipes yet, but giant Piranhas do fit in normal pipes!

New Entities

  • Checkered Block
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Upper Left
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Upper Right
  • Stalactite - Falling

There are still 13 Checkered Terrain entities that need to be added. I have also found that the checkered terrain can behave weird in some layouts. Eventually (and it won't be for quite a while) I will add a checkered terrain auto-tiler. Where you just draw with a "checkered terrain brush" and Smaghetti figures out the tiles for you.

New/Changed Entities

  • Ghost Player
  • Ace Coin: You can now choose the position for Ace Coins

The Ghost Player lets you put Mario in a temporary starting spot for testing purposes. More details on the tips page.

Ace Coins have a specific position associated with them. For example, if a coin has position #2, when the player gets that coin, the second Ace Coin up in the HUD will get filled in. Before Smaghetti picked these positions automatically, and did a bad job. Now you can pick them yourself. This is helpful as you can now arrange it so Ace Coins generally get picked up in order.

New Entities

  • Bill Blaster
  • Bullet Bill - Targeting
  • Burner: can now shoot flames up or down
  • Platform Wood - Left/Right

The previous Bill Blaster was a special one meant only for airship levels. It is still available in the enemies airship section. That one can not have a body.

This new Bill Blaster is the general one that can be used in any level, and it can have a body of whatever height you choose. Thanks to NintyAlex for working these out.

Bill Blasters can shoot various things, but so far Smaghetti only supports normal Bullet Bills. The other payloads will get added eventually.

Liking levels

Found a level on the levels page you liked? Click on the heart!

New Entities

  • Piranha Plant - Facing Left, Red
  • Piranha Plant - Facing Left, Red, Fire
  • Piranha Plant - Facing Right, Red
  • Piranha Plant - Facing Right, Red, Fire

I needed to rename Horizontal Piranha Plant. So if it is in your levels, you will find it is now missing. You need to re-add it, sorry about that.

Renames like this should be very rare, Horizontal Piranha Plant was one of the first entities in Smaghetti and I didn't think through its name very well in those early days.

Change in how testing your level works

When you go to play your level, you will start in whatever room the editor is currently focused on.

So if you are working on room 2, and go to test your level, you will start in room 2. The entire level will still be available. So for example if you have a warp that goes from room 2 to room 1, it will still work.

When starting in a room other than 1, you start wherever Mario is positioned in that room. Make sure to move him to where it makes sense.

If you want to test your level from the beginning, just return to room 1 before testing.

New Entities

  • Piranha Plant - Fire
  • Piranha Plant - Red
  • Piranha Plant - Red, Fire
  • Piranha Plant - Upside Down, Red
  • Piranha Plant - Upside Down, Red, Fire
  • Piranha Plant - Upside Down, Red, Short

New Backgrounds

  • Inside Airship
  • Mountains

New Backgrounds

  • Basement Dungeon
  • Pyramids
  • Stone Wall

The pyramids background is so cool!

New Entities

  • Angry Sun (see entry below)
  • Burner
  • Cheep Cheep - Jumping
  • Note Block Warp
  • Platform - Pullied
  • Upward Water Current - Narrow
  • Wood Floor - Snow Covered
  • Wood Window Frame

Angry Sun finished

Turns out the Angry Sun does work. It just takes a long time. If you put it in a level, it won't chase Mario until he has traveled quite a ways.

New Entities

  • Pipe Vertical - Mini (unfinished)
  • Bolt Head

Tag your levels

You can now tag your levels such as "traditional" or "kaizo". Find the tags in the same place you name your level. Tags will show up on the levels page.

New Entities

  • Platform - Wood Up/Down

Level save bug fix

There was a bug preventing levels that had Stone Supports in them from saving. That has now been fixed.

New Entities

  • Spiny Cheep Cheep Generator

New Entities

  • Platform - Left/Right

New Entities

  • Platform - Basic
  • Platform - Up/Down
  • Platform - Wrap Around

Find them under gizmos in the new platforms subcategory

Better camera settings

The previous camera settings really pushed the camera up and you could not see much below you. I have tweaked them to be more balanced.

Ultimately Smaghetti will let you configure the camera so that it makes sense for your level. But that probably won't be for a long time, as there is still a lot of work needed to pull that off.

New Entities

  • Airship Propeller
  • Cannon - Rotating
  • Giant Cannon Ball
  • Pipe Cannon - Mini
  • Wall Mounted Cannon

Almost all airship entities are now in Smaghetti. Sadly Smaghetti still can't do any kind of autoscrolling yet, so can't quite make a traditional airship level. But it is getting there!

New Entities

  • Airship Platform
  • Porthole
  • Rocky Wrench
  • Wood Column

Airship Platform can be configured in many ways

airship platform examples

Why is Wood Column so weird and limited? You'll have to ask Nintendo :)

Cannon: all directions

Cannons can now be configured to face in all four directions. In other words, ceiling cannons are now possible.

New Entities

  • Rope

Rope is a cool entity because unlike vines you have complete control over its height. It is also fully compatible with everything, so you can put them in any room you want.

New Entities

  • Bill Blaster
  • Bullet Bill Generator Canceler

You can now limit bullet bill generators to sections of a level.

Bill Blasters need more work. So far they have no body and can only shoot Bullet Bills. Stay tuned for more.

New Entities

  • Pipe Corner Transition
  • Tan Metal Bricks - Pyramid

New Entities

  • Flying Cheep Cheep Generator

New Entities

  • Bullet Bill Generator - Cardinal
  • Bullet Bill Generator - Diagonal

New Entities

  • Bowser Fireball
  • Bowser Fire Generator
  • Giant Question Block: Hammer Bro suit payload
  • Para Bobomb Generator
  • Para Galoomba Generator

Giant Question Block ready

Giant Question Block has been stuck in the unfinished tab for ages. But not anymore! More giant stuff should be coming as well, stay tuned.

Weirdly, it doesn't work with giant enemies :( Need to figure out why...

New Entities

  • Checkered Ceiling
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Lower Left
  • Checkered Inner Corner - Lower Right
  • Checkered Interior
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Lower Left
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Lower Right
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Upper Left
  • Checkered Outer Corner - Upper Right
  • Checkered Platform - Center
  • Checkered Platform - Left Cap
  • Checkered Platform - Right Cap
  • Checkered Wall - Left
  • Checkered Wall - Right

Checkered terrain has its own subcategory in the item choose now, because there is a ton of different ones. I'll be adding all the checkered terrain gradually over the coming days. Go make those bonus rooms! Thanks to NintyAlex for figuring out the details on these.

Cannon Balls

Cannons can now shoot either bobombs or cannon balls

Fixed a camera bug

There was a bug that would cause items about 4 tiles above Mario to not render when first starting a level. That has now been fixed. Sorry about that, it made some levels really strange.

This bug is also what was causing the confusion with Grass Chutes. So Grass Chutes have been moved out of the unfinished tab and are fully usable now.

New Entities

  • Grass Chute - Down Left (unfinished)
  • Grass Chute - Down Right (unfinished)

New Entities

  • Cannon

The first airship entity. But so far, it can only fire bobombs.

New Entities

  • Podoboo (aka Lava Bubble)
  • Podoboo - Ceiling

Make a copy when doing drag and drop

When you select some entities then drag them some place else, you can make a copy of them by holding down the shift key while dragging.

Start Mario anywhere in the level

You can now place Mario anywhere you'd like in your level. You can also resize a room to any size you want, so this can open up some cooler level types like starting way at the top of a tall level

Download multiple levels to a save file

On the levels page, you can now choose to save up to 30 levels into a save file. You can then load that save file into a Game Boy using a flash cart, or into an emulator, and try out all the levels you chose.

Doing this on your own levels inside the editor is coming

New Entities

  • Background Hills - Striped, Large
  • Background Hills - Textured, Large
  • Background Hills - Textured, Medium
  • Background Hills - Textured, Small

All hill backgrounds are now extracted

Community Levels Page

You can now publish your levels to let other people try them.

Published levels will show up on the levels page. People can load your published levels into the editor and play with them, but they can't save them, not even a copy. I might loosen that restriction later, what do you prefer?

New Entities

  • Checkered Floor - Perspective
  • Grass Plateau
  • Pipe - Horizontal Mini
  • Seaweed
  • Snow Plateau

Set Room Height

You can now set how tall a room is. Find it in the "manage rooms" mode, same place as background and music settings.

Still need to figure out how to position Mario. Also be careful with really large rooms, you can make a level that is too big to fit in a save file. Eventually Smaghetti will warn when you do that, but for now, just be careful if you make really big rooms with lots of stuff in them.

New Backgrounds

  • Crystal Underground
  • Hills at Night

New Entities

  • Cloud Platform - Aero
  • Cloud Platform - Thin
  • Stone Support
  • Warp Area
  • Wiggler

New Entities

  • Stone Floor
  • Tanooki Block

Set Room Width

You can now set how wide a room is. Find it in the "manage rooms" mode, same place as background and music settings.

Level height and positioning Mario are coming, but they are proving harder to figure out.

New Entities

  • Background Hills - Striped, Small
  • Grass Slope - 30° Up Left
  • Grass Slope - 30° Up Right
  • Grass Staircase - Up Left
  • Grass Staircase - Up Right
  • Palm Tree
  • Roto Disc

There are more Roto Disc variants, so far only one the simple one has been brought in.

New Entities

  • Background Hills - Striped, Medium
  • Colorful Metal Box
  • Scroll Stop - Horizontal

Wood Floor, Underwater Floor changes!

If your level uses wood or underwater floor, please read

Underwater floor and wood floor were not implemented well. It was possible to use them in such a way your level would get corrupted. So I redid how they work. They now behave more like pipes and conveyor belts in that you have to size them with a drag handle.

If your level had underwater or wood floor in it, they will be removed the next time you load the level. You will need to re-add them using the new approach. Sorry about that, but breaking changes like this are inevitable during early preview.

But some good news, this new approach paves the way for the big "boxes" you see in levels like SMB3 1-1 and some other entities that Smaghetti wasn't yet able to have. Stay tuned.

New Room Backgrounds

  • Bonus Room
  • Desert
  • Ghost House
  • Plains
  • Tall Hills*
  • Tetris Room*

Mario can finally get some fresh air

Tall Hills and Tetris Room are unused assets in the game

New Entities

  • Goomba Generator

Hanging out in its own subcategory in the palette because this game has a lot of generators, many more to come.

Choose your music

You can now choose what music a room plays. It's in the same spot as choosing the background graphic.

Why can you choose any song? Like credits, game over, etc? Because the game lets you do it :) So if you want strange music in your levels, go for it.

Stretch Boo split into two entities

Originally Stretch Boo was one entity and Smaghetti would choose to make it upside down or upright depending on how you placed it in your level. This is convenient, but it is also limiting. It would mean you couldn't position a Stretch Boo how you wanted it in some situations.

So now Stretch Boo comes in upright and upside down variants and you need to choose the right one for the situation.

This is the same reason spiny and buzzy beetle come in separate ceiling versions.

New Entities

  • Checkered Floor

This is the first entity in the "checkered terrain series", once all are added, you'll be able to construct entire rooms in a checkered motif

New Entities

  • Hot Foot
  • Hot Foot - Shy
  • Lava Lotus
  • Stretch Boo
  • Stretch Boo platform

Fixed warp bug

After warping to a different room, did you notice missing graphics and things seemed glitchy?

I believe I tracked down the problem and levels are working a lot better now after you warp.

Flag Pole resizable

You can now pick how big to make a flag pole just like pipes

New Entities

  • Airship Pipe
  • Blue Coin
  • Coral Donut Block
  • Monty Mole
  • Underwater Floor

New Entities

  • Bomb
  • Bumpty
  • Bumpty - Aggressive
  • Jelectro
  • P-Switch Door
  • Porcupo
  • Rip Van Fish
  • Rotating Checkered Block - Large
  • Rotating Checkered Block - Small

New Entities

  • Blooper Nanny
  • Galoomba - Parachute

Keyboard shortcut for layers

Press the L key to toggle which layers are locked. Each time you press 'l' it works through locking actors, locking stage, locking none.

New Entities

  • Note Block - Three Way

Bowser Laser Statue

Now shoots lasers.

So far this is not optional, debating whether to make this a config or not...

New Entities

  • Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro
  • Clapping Chuck
  • Dolphin Pod
  • Green Para Troopa - Patrolling
  • Ice Block - Coin
  • Ice Block - Muncher
  • Ice Block - Small
  • Piranha Plant - Horizontal Red
  • Wood Platform
  • Wood Support

Horizontal Pipe

Horizontal pipe is now ready for use

New Entities

  • Iggy
  • Larry
  • Lemmy
  • Morton
  • Roy
  • Wendy

All Koopalings!

Ludwig configuration

You can now configure how many fireballs it takes to kill Ludwig, as well as how many stomps it takes.

Thanks to NintyAlex for figuring this out. He also figured out more info on Bowser, Boom Boom, as well as other Koopalings, which will get added to Smaghetti eventually.

New Entities

  • Beach Ball
  • See Saw Platform

Beach Ball is an unused item in the game and it's pretty cool!

Vertical Pipes

Vertical pipes are now ready to use. Find them in the warp section in the palette. They are still a bit raw and will get better as I work on them more.

New Entities

  • Pipe - Vertical (unfinished)
  • Piranha Plant

Vertical pipes are close, but still some things to figure out. You can try one out by grabbing it from the Unfinished tab in the palette.

Technically piranha plants can work without pipes, but they look broken. To stick it in a pipe, just drop it on top of the pipe with its mouth just below the pipe's lip. Remember you can lock either the stage or actor layers as needed to make this easier.

Conveyor Belts config reworked

Conveyor belts now have a more intuitive and easier way to set them up. Still rougher than I ultimately want, but a good first step. Making Smaghetti really easy to use is a top priority.

Here is a quick video showing the before and after.

New Entities

  • Flag Pole
  • Rope Railing

New Entities

  • Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro (unfinished)
  • Big Bass
  • Big Bertha
  • Blooper
  • Bolts and Bolt Lifts
  • Flame Chomp
  • Flurry
  • Porcu-Puffer
  • Swooper

Set level timer

You can now set your level's timer. In the upper right corner, click the pencil to go into management mode. Once there, you can change the level name, timer and add/delete rooms

New Entities

  • Homing Fireball
  • Hoopster
  • Ptooie Potted Piranha Plant
  • Ptooie Walking Piranha Plant

The fireball is an enemy from Yoshi's island. It is unused in SMA4, now available to add to levels for the first time.

New Entities

  • Wood Floor
  • Pool of Water renamed to Choppy Water
  • new Pool of Water which is still/sparkly water

Conveyor Belt and Thwomp details

Conveyor belts can now be configured to go in either direction

Thwomp's pursuit direction can now be configured

New Entities

  • Flying Piranha Plant
  • Grass - Horizontal
  • Grass - Upper Left Corner
  • Grass - Upper Right Corner
  • Grass - Vertical Left
  • Grass - Vertical Right

Save a copy of a level

When editing one of your levels, the save button now has an option to save a copy.

New Entities

  • Pool of Water
  • Vine
  • Waterfall

Coin Challenge Details Pane

You can now decide how many coins a Coin Challenge will require the player to collect.

Fire Bar Details Pane

Fire Bar can now be fully configured.

  • Rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Pivot point at the end or in the center
  • Number of fireballs

The details pane is pretty ugly, but that's true of all detail panes :) Making them look nicer is on the TODO list.

New Entities

  • Hopping Bowser Statue


The editor is now divided into two layers: actors and stage

Often these layers don't matter much, but they become important when working with large objects such as the black backdrop at the end of levels and large terrain. The layers enable working with these large entities without smaller things like enemies getting in the way, and vice versa

Now that layers are in place, large terrain is the next thing to add

New Entities

  • Ceiling Buzzy Beetle
  • Ceiling Spiny

Lakitu payloads

Lakitu can now be set to either throw an orange egg, which becomes a spiny upon landing. Or a green egg, which stays an egg upon landing and is more aggressive than spinies.

Possibly can configure Lakitu to throw coins as well, but so far have not been able to find that setting.

Compatibility Pages

If the palette says an entity can't be added, it's because that entity is not compatible with another entity you've already added to the room. Now if you click on the "see compatibility chart" link in the palette, it will show you a breakdown of which entities work and don't work together. For example, here is Grand Goomba's compatibility page.

Object Sets

Smaghetti now understands object sets. That means it knows which objects can be in the same room together and how to load them.

With object sets now in place, these new entities have now been added:

  • Cactus
  • Cement Block
  • Flower Bush
  • Lakitu Cloud

New Entities

  • Beached Cheep Cheep
  • Fishbone
  • Galoomba
  • Invisible Block
  • One Way Door
  • River Cheep Cheep
  • Winged Platform
  • Baby Cheep Cheep
  • Bowser Fire Statue
  • Dolphin Pod
  • Fall Away Spike
  • Flutter
  • Hothead
  • Water Cheep Cheep

Fishbone and Flutter are unused entities, now usable for the first time in SMA4!

New Entities

Both of these are unused entities that Nintendo left in the game, now usable for the first time in SMA4!

  • Floating Block
  • Arrow Lift