Early Preview

Smaghetti is now alpha. This means the core is well defined, but things can still be buggy. There are still missing features too.

Alpha features

  • Change player's starting location
  • Set a room's size
  • Room settings
  • Layers (mostly to support complex terrain and background things)
  • Bring large objects like background hills and terrain into the editor
  • Pipes and pipe warps
  • Many entities in SMA4 are available to build levels with
  • Sprite Graphic Sets
  • Download levels as save files
  • Test out your level in an emulator
  • Object Sets
  • A pretty good and easy to use editor
  • Load e-reader level into the game

To get to beta

  • Configurable controls
  • Giant object grid
  • Water levels
  • Most entities in SMA4 are available to build levels with
  • Wrap-around rooms
  • Object priorities
  • Autoscroll rooms
  • Level file format is finalized
  • Movement vectors for platforms
  • Adjustable camera
  • All entities are fully configurable
  • Movement trails to help gauge jumps
  • Save states

To get to 1.0

  • E-Coin editor
  • Save many levels to one save file
  • Warning if level gets too full
  • All entities in SMA4 are available to build levels with
  • All known bugs fixed and editor is very stable

Beyond 1.0, I'd like to expand beyond e-reader levels and allow changing main levels in the game, allow editing the overworld maps to enable building of entire games, customizing graphics and sounds, and much more. But that is very, very far down the line. Who knows if it will ever happen :)